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Die design and fabrication

OEP Stamping has designed and built hundreds of precision dies of various types, including progressive, fine-blanking, compound, secondary, and forming dies.

Our experience with various materials in various thicknesses has led us to become familiar with several potential materials for details, including CPM, carbide, D2, and A1. Our varied experience enables us to design ddf2a die to fit a given job, matching the type of die to the precision required in the part specs and to the quantity, matching the detail material to the part's material and to the required tool life for a given quantity, and so on. We also have experience in quoting families of parts and designing multifunction dies with changeable details, to minimize tooling cost.

ddf3We're well-equipped for die fabrication, with a modern CAD/CAM system, up-to-date CNC metalworking equipment, and a complete tool room. However, on some jobs, we're able to optimize our customer's return on their investment by sticking to our core competencies and taking advantage of our close working relationships with several local world-class QS9000 tool & die facilities. Depending on the nature of the job, we can perform any one, any two, or all three of the three steps of die fabrication (die design, detail fabrication, and die assembly).