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Case Studies

Case 1 Case Study 1
.007 thick beryllium copper slipring blanked without burr and formed as secondary operation
Case 2 Case Study 2
.030 thick tin-plated steel front cap run complete on complex progressive die
Case 3 Case Study 3
family of blades blanked from .032 thick aluminum and .064 thick copper on one fine-blanking die with minimal burr, deburred as secondary operation
Case 4 Case Study 4
.062 thick grade CE garolyte phenolic insulator blanked complete on progressive die
Case 5 Case Study 5
family of frames blanked from .092 thick carbon steel and aluminum with multiple secondary operations
Case 6 Case Study 6
.010 thick beryllium copper spider produced as a rapid prototype
Case 7 Case Study 7
.032 thick aluminum stator contact blanked and formed with multiple complex secondary operations
Case 8 Case Study 8
.5 by .5 square steel shaft formed as a secondary operation after being blanked on a screw machine.
Case 9 Case Study 9
.0163 thick aluminum blade fine-blanked with minimal burr in large quantities