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About OEP Stamping

At first glance, Oren Elliott Products Stamping appears to be a very modern company, with sophisticated state-of-the art equipment and fabrication techniques. Beneath the surface, however, lies a long tradition of precision stamping in production quantities. We've been stamping at our Plant I facility since 1925, when we produced stamped sub-components for electromechanical assemblies under the name American Steel Packaging. At the height of production during World War II, American Steel Packaging (later to become All Star Products) produced millions of stamped parts for the allied war effort.

Since Oren Elliott purchased the company in 1983, we've expanded by adding a second plant and several pieces of capital equipment. Most of our new equipment has focused on computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining, with which we serve customers as close as 10 miles away and as far away as California and Maine, in such industries as automotive manufacturing, food processing equipment, robotics, semiconductor fabrication equipment, fluid power, and medical/orthopedic equipment, to name a few. At OEP Stamping, the most recent acquisition was a PA Industries Advantage servo roll feed, capable of advancing coil stock into a die with a precision of .0002 inches.

The most fundamental aspect of our corporate culture is an emphasis on customer service in the three areas most crucial to companies outsourcing stamping work: Quality, delivery, and price. Conformance to our customers' quality requirements is ensured by an enterprise-wide quality system based on the ISO9001:2000 standard. Rapid lead-time and on-time delivery result from accurate scheduling and the capacity for high throughput. Competitive pricing is achieved in two ways: first, our overall efficiency results in a low hourly shop rate: and second, our use of innovative, cutting-edge tooling and techniques results in shorter cycle times and fewer secondary operations (some examples of these techniques are illustrated in our case studies).

We pride ourselves on long-standing relationships with many of our customers, some of whom we've been able to provide design assistance (particularly in the area of manufacturability and cost reduction), JIT delivery, prototype and experimental parts, expedited deliveries when necessary, specific quality documentation or procedures (including PPAPs, SPC charts, material traceability, and so on), and turnkey manufacturing services. If you have a print you'd like us to look at, please contact us for a prompt, competitive quote.